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Quick notes:

release:1.00 (July 2004)
platforms: SonyEricsson P900 only
license: freeware
purpose: experimental full-screen viewfinder
home site:my site!
C++ source: click here to download overscan1.00.tar.bz2 source package (58 kbytes)
download: click here to download OverScan_1.00.sis (66 kbytes)

YAY! 512 downloads in July 2004 and 344 in August and 273 in September... :-)

This is my first released P900 software (click here for other P900 downloads). I wrote it because I did want to see a "full screen viewfinder".

The software itself is based on some BUGS of the standard SonyEricsson ecam.lib library (at least in the R1A release of CDA/organiser firmware). Playing a bit around with these bugs, I eventually found a dirty hack to get a "full screen viewfinder" (it's actually a shot without the direct-screen viewfinder hanging around).

Since it's based on other people bugs I cannot guarantee it will run on any P900. But it was just too nice to have it only on my P900, so I released it as freeware - enjoy it! It does not feature anything except the continuous shooting routine.

This software has an official UID assigned to me from EPOC UID Number Allocation Service at Symbian on 2004-Feb-11.

Sources: extract with tar xpjvf - the included Makefile is good for P900 UIQ SDK for Linux; if you want to compile them in a Windows environment, you will need to change a few things (but, please, don't ask me for them).

I am still experimenting; I hope to get to a clean solution and write a software that analyzes real-time the data captured by the camera eye.

If you have fun with it, drop me a line at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page; I happen to like very much to receive emails like "I am from Japan and I am showing this stunning software to my friends".

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