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Quick notes:

software:Circumvesuviana Timetables
release:1.00 (July 2004)
platforms: SonyEricsson P900 only
license: freeware
purpose: train timetables, technical details and images
home site:my site!
source available: not yet
download: click here to download TimeTables_1.00.sis (469 kbytes)

This is my first serious software project for the SonyEricsson P900 (click here for other P900 downloads). I wrote it just for the fun of having something that other P900 people cannot get before me :-)

YAY! 115 downloads in July 2004 and 119 in August and 109 in September...! :-)

What's this software?

Since I use very often Circumvesuviana trains, I wrote this software because I wanted to get rid of the timetables sheet that I always carried with me. To the basic function of having the timetables of the Sorrento-Napoli I added some Circumvesuviana train and cableway imagery and technical characteristics, to show to people who do not know them.

Thus, this software is something nice to have on your P900 even if you will never happen to travel on these trains. Have a look at it!


The main menu shows two buttons for train timetables from Napoli to Sorrento and from Sorrento to Napoli. When you click on one of them, you will get to the related table, with stations names and next four trains from the current time (this is very good for urgent decision making!). The timetable screen while browsing.

Rolling the jog-dial (or tapping in the leftmost and rightmost area of the table) you will move around with trains. As you can see from the "--" markers, not all trains will stop in every station. Also, the red column specifies a "workdays only" train (i.e. it won't run on Sundays and other Italian holidays). On the right you can see a screenshot.

If you tap the pen on a station name, it will remain highlighted (in low red) until you tap again on it. This is for easier browsing, to keep in mind -for example- a destination station.

Tapping and dragging on the higher part or lower part of the table will scroll up/down the table between the 34 stations of the Napoli-Sorrento line.

Notice that there are no trains between midnight and 4am.

These timetables are useful on every day of the year, with only two exceptions:

  1. Christmas day, Easter day and New Year's day will have a very reduced day timetable;
  2. there are 4/5 extra trains in the weekends of July and August.

Tap on the "Exit" button (or press backwards the jog-dial) to return to the main menu.

Since the program runs only in full-screen mode, when it detects some window-level changes (for example, an incoming phone call or the flip being closed) it exits.

Circumvesuviana trains

Circumvesuviana, also known as "Vesuviana", has a number of train lines and bus lines around the Vesuvius, and even a cableway.

Click here for Circumvesuviana pages When you select the "Circumvesuviana trains" option in the main menu, you will get to the train and cableway imagery. To move to the next or previous image, roll the jog-dial or tap in the rightmost/leftmost parts of the screen. To disable/enable the on-screen technical details and comments, press the jog-dial.

To go back to the main menu, tap on the center of the screen or press backwards the jog-dial.

Technical details

Simply said, I don't like Symbian/UIQ C++ programming approach. Countless rules and conventions and classes and functions to do the simplest things. And a bit slow and buggy. And -ouch!- only cross-platform-debuggable in a Windows environment.

Since I like "imperative" style (instead of "tabular" and "event-driven" styles), I wrote from scratch a cross-platform library, the P900X11 library (not yet released!), to cross-develop and debug applications in a Linux/Xfree environment, without changes/ifdefs/etc and without the hassle of Epoc/Symbian C++ conventions.

This allowed me to write a non-trivial software like this without needing to install every build on the P900 to test and debug.

Also, the library features direct screen manipulation, getting full-throttle graphics handling as you can see for example on smooth fonts and fast screen updates.

Final note: this software has an official UID assigned to me from EPOC UID Number Allocation Service at Symbian on 2004-Feb-11.

Frequently Asked Questions

TimeTables: user comments

The Stylus-Kata

The message below was sent by me in a P900 local forum some months ago. It parodies one of the main scenes of ''Equilibrium'', a movie by Kurt Wimmer. Sorry, this time no English translation.

Scena iniziale: un gran numero di brutti ceffi intenti a scrivere disperatamente un messaggio sui loro cellulari di varie marchie. Ingrandimento sui pollici sanguinolenti, callosi e purulenti.

Voce del commentatore: stentorea, legge lentamente, ma con accento deciso, questo testo:

Il Kata del Pennino.
Mediante l'analisi della registrazione di migliaia di utilizzi dei telefoni cellulari, il Cleric ha stabilito che la distribuzione probabilistica delle ditate è un elemento statisticamente imprevedibile.
Il Kata del Pennino tratta il cellulare come un computer completo, in cui ogni software interno o installato rappresenta un utilizzo di massimo risultato, che infligge l'umiliazione maggiore al maggior numero di utenti di cellulare, mentre mantiene il pinovecentista al di fuori delle figuracce statisticamente tradizionali del detentore di telefonino.
Dalla padronanza di questa arte, la vostra efficacia nella telematica e informatica mobile aumenterà non meno del centoventi per cento. La differenza di un 63% in più negli utilizzi straordinari fa del maestro di Kata del Pennino un avversario da non prendere alla leggera.

Scene-flash durante il commento:

In ogni scena, spettatori sbalorditi, ragazze estasiate e con gli occhi a forma di cuoricino, gente che si vergogna del proprio cellulare trogloditico - inserire anche un "piottocentista" sfegatato che butta il suo mattone nel bidone della spazzatura. Ingrandimento del bidone, una scritta, concentrare per un attimo la telecamera in modo che si veda la scritta: covo juventino.


A P900 with fusilli pasta, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, peas, meat and common basil

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