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Le mie pagine Apple sono qui!

Yep, I finally switched to an Apple Mac. And started some investigation about developing native Mac software. I found that I should use Cocoa, and learn Objective C language, but...

In the last fifteen years, nothing has really changed. Except in that labels, lists, buttons, textboxes, sliders, canvases, etc look better now - more colors, more bells and whistles, more fonts, more screen resolution... Sure you have tabs and those little things that appear when you hover over buttons, but those are very trivial additions.

Every different graphical interface system is the same old thing invented by Xerox in the Sixties, written in a different language or with some different programming "paradigm" in mind -- (duh, callbacks, signals, etc) and with its own library. This is what software engineers spent their time on in the last fifteen years. Writing new API (application program interfaces) that do the same old things as all the others. So, "porting" or "creating" or "developing" just means working on programs that do something that's just a special case of some other program written in a different language or different paradigm or whatever somewhere else. Not to talk about the myth of Portability.

Same thing every time. It's monkey work. Why do people go to school to learn this? It's something you could teach a child to do (well, it's barely a hard thing to do).

Yes, you could be working on new algorithms, optimize and standardize the existing ones, making a better tomorrow full of newer better computing, work hard on parallel algorithms, but no, no, no... Same old interface. Same old language. Same state of computing. Same old trickery about window panels and internetworking. The only thing that goes forward is hardware. New processors, faster memory and disks, faster networks (hence the internet). But...

But... NO!!! I found myself I should learn just another variant of the C language - don't feel curious: Java, C#, C++, Objective C, are all variants of Kernighan and Ritchie's magic invention in the late Sixties. Yes, I said it, and you read it: all C variants...!

Every other field of engineering brings new technologies. Studies "produce" something new, something more usable. Every other field of science brings new discoveries and progress everyday. But... Computer Science? Nothing. Fifteen years and still the same things. Another C variant for the same internetworking and windowing things.

And now, that I switched to the Mac, what to do? Should I learn now - after 18+ years of C (and then C++) programming, another programming language and another method for driving all those buttons and textbox and similar stuff? True Pain!

My brand new Apple Powerbook G4 17''

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