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Well, my handsfree set got a severe pull and the right earphone did not output any sound.

After gently opening the microphone section (using only a screwdriver, because it's jointed) I found that the right-ear cable was hurted. I had to cut it (shortening by about 1cm) and solder its wires on the original points on the little board.

Before soldering wires, I had to clear them (they are not nude copper).

I had to to all these operations because Sony Ericsson center told me that there are NO optional stereo replacements for the handsfree set; they have only "mono" (not "stereo") sets available!!! (ouch!!)

Also, I did it because the warranty does not cover user misuses and errors... and I was (sigh!) responsible for the rude pull. As you can see from the first image, the microphone is now higher than before (but I didn't notice differences when using it for phone calls). It now runs great, as in the very first day! YAY! :-)

Note: this page was built some weeks before I had to carry my P900 to a service center... I publish it now, but the facts described here are not recent. I still wonder when I will be able to buy a new handsfree set, stereo, phone-capable, P900-compatible, branded...

Final lenght of the mic to right-ear cable

Microphone unit opened

Work in progress on the handsfree set

Details of the to-be-soldered board

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