main index FIRST OF ALL, did you read all of my P900 notes?

Yes, I always hated blogs.

But I happened a few times to need to quickly jot down something, and then publish it as soon as possible, no matter "where". And I didn't (yet) update my homepage scripts to fit in the P900...

So I created a blog for publishing text, camera images and hand-made drawings (using the "email-to-blog" feature of, and the "Send as Email" P900 feature).

That is: after four yearsI bought my Sony Ericsson P900, I still find it useful for doing things that are normally equivalent to "buy some other tech/geek device".

Sony Ericsson P900 came in Italian stores on 5 novembre 2003, with a stunning features list: internet GPRS connectivity (and browsing and email), office functions (enabled to read DOCs and PDFs, and get/send them as email attachments), graphics support for all common formats and a photo/video-camera, multimedia (MP3, AAC, WAV), and finally, a superb handwriting recognition engine and a touchscreen for jotting down texts and drawings.

Yes, in my pages I talked about its software and hardware limits. But in 2003, ages ago, it was ready for "mobile blogging". And now, more than four years later, I enjoy its "mobile blogging" feature. No need to install anything. Just created a "blog" P900 Contacts entry with the "email-to-blog" address. Everything is done using P900 internal software (no need to install anything).

I mean, a piece of hardware is decent enough when you live with it at least three years. A piece of hardware is good when after four or five years of continuous work, you still find it has some feature you can rely on, saving extra bucks to buy other new LEGO® sets.

I am glad to say that my Sony Ericsson P900 finally broke the "five years barrier", showing a feature I could have used since 2003.

Oh, my dear P900... what a "hate and love" story! ;-)

Hand-made drawing... drawn and published on the internet while walking

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