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Problem: I need to backup my P900 SMS/MMS/mail messages.

Solutions: let's see what we can do.

Backup SMS messages to SIM-card: works, but...

Someone told me to do it "the hard way": I did not even try...

If your SIM card accepts 10 SMS, then you can backup ten SMS per step. If you have less than 100 important SMS messages, then it's a decent way to backup.

This also works if you want to transfer them in another P900 or another cellphone that has some "SIM to internal memory" message copy feature.

Hard backup of the C:\SYSTEM\MAIL directory: didn't try, but...

If this works, then it will works only if sender and receiver are both P900 or P910; I don't think that P990 and P1 will accept the old messaging database format.

Well, I read somewhere that you can use the P900 cradle to access its filesystem (before it boots) and backup the C:\SYSTEM\MAIL directory from a P900.

As far as I know, this is not possible in Linux, Mac OS X or even Symbian itself. Symbian always locks the C:\SYSTEM\MAIL\INDEX file, even if the Messages application is not running.

Even using SMAN or some other P900 file-managing utility, you cannot backup by yourself.

Backup using specific P900 sms/mail backup utility programs: should work, but...

The sad thing about cellphone software is that things that you paid 10-20-30$ two years ago, have become "unsupported", and quickly disappeared from the internet - even their "demo" versions.

It's a shame - and a waste of precious resources - that those software vanish. If they think they'll won't earn anymore from them, then they should give out them for free (for example, a download page and a legal free key). Alas, this is only my dream...

I had hard nights searching the net for some backup software for my P900: I wasn't even able to buy what I wanted!

Thus, I won't post here their names: I don't want you to spend other countless hours searching them.

Backup using external utilities

If you use Windows and Outlook, you may try to have a look at a commercial software by (no "demo").

Update (Jan'2008): BestMessageStorer - works, if you only need a .TXT file

This excellent commercial utility allows you to backup the entire P800-P900-P910 message-base out to a text file, on local storage (memorystick) or beaming it via bluetooth or infrared.

This is good if you want to save on your computer the text of the messages; it is not useful if you simply want to transfer your messages to another P900. It only can export messages to a .TXT file (ascii or UTF-8 or other encoding).

The demo version works 15 days; a few minutes will suffice; I exported my entire message base (even the SMS I personally wrote) in a single MSG.TXT file on my Apple Mac (beaming to it via bluetooth) and then was finally able to reinitialize my P900.

You should be able to download a trial version of Best MessageStorer here (its last version was 1.06, dated June 2005; that link, in January 2008, was still alive), maybe even able to buy it (well, I was never a fan of buying software, especially when it's outdated or "like abandoned", even if it costs some 10$...).