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Top 10 reasons why I am an OpenMoko fan

In an almost random order:

  1. I need a cool cellphone: touchscreen, bluetooth, wifi, GPS...
  2. it must run Linux
  3. open architecture so that I can write software to run on it
  4. not too tight on RAM and storage
  5. fan community actually in touch with cellphone developers

I was already willing to buy a Neo 1973, when I got news about FIC Freerunner expected in spring 2008! YAY!!!

Summer 2008: the Freerunner is finally shipping... but it seems to be too late. In fact, some "killer app" phones are out, with more features (except Linux and opensourceness) and -sadly- very low price tags.

Top 10 reasons why I won't buy another smartphone

In almost random order:

Update (November 2008): there are currently efforts to port Linux on a Gloofish (project name is -guess it!- gnufiish). As soon as it will be decently stable, I am willing to buy a Glofiish...!

My pages about OpenMoko phones: Neo1973 and Freerunner: