continua (next page) Index of UNOFFICIAL Circumvesuviana Home Page Linux pages main index Below, a SBCC186-RevC single board computer. This was developed during mid-90's by some Italian ham-radio people.

I plan to put ELKS on it. Please check also my page about ELKS and Turbo C.

Below, the SBCC186 features (i.e.: the reasons why I want to use ELKS on it):

ELKS is a funny thing. Someone may think that is a sort of DOS (or -maybe- Linux) substitute for old machines.

Well: why ELKS instead of DOS? I would answer:

Oh, well, these are only some initial ideas. If you think ELKS is "only" a "Linux for 8086", you are probably censoring the fun part (great part!) of its applications range... :-)

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