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Disclaimer: yes, I've always been a LEGO® fan! LEGO, the brick configuration, and the minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this Web site.

My profile:

My set list:

Sets include, among others: 3 NXT, 2 Dacta City, 6 NXT accessories, 2 brick separators, and one set from Spongebob, Promotion, Accessories categories.
Gadgets totals: 2 key rings, 1 backpack, 3 gamesets, 1 magnet set (I should also count minifigures: 36 + 3 magnetic + 2 keychains...).

My "missing bricks" set list, from late Seventies and early 80's:

My "wish list" ordered by theme:

  1. Technic: another 8288 Crawler Crane and another 8420; also searching for 8455 Backhoe Loader, 8439 Front-End Loader, and helicopters/airplanes (8429, 8444, 8433, 8434), plus all latest Technic sets (at least the ones featuring PowerFunctions);
  2. City: another 7905, plus two 7293, plus two 7900; also searching for 7903 and 7031; also considering 7237 and 7892
  3. maybe get a dozen of 6177 (containing 650 bricks each! yay!)
  4. the three most stunning Star Wars sets:
Sadly I cannot yet consider more train sets because of lack of physical space here! (sigh!)

Other stuff:

My own definition of LEGO Purist.

A few MOCs (my own creations) pages:

Digital Designer index:

My other LEGO-related pages:

In building and naming everything, sometimes I was helped by 9 to 17 years old people.

A few tech notes

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Un demoltiplicatore 1:2187 (sette scambi 8:24 in serie) agganciato ad un motore 9V

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