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I got this P900 beast on Thursday, November 6, 2003, 11:31am GMT. Since then, if you happened to see someone using a Sony Ericsson P900 in the train/bus/underground between Naples, Ercolano, Pompei, Castellammare, Sorrento, Massalubrense, well, that was me!

Note: my pages are dedicated to the P900, but most of the things are indeed applicable to the Sony Ericsson P910 as well.

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Important note: I got e-mail feedback from these countries: Saudi Arabia, Sweden, New Zealand, Austria, India, Hungary, Brazil, Greece, UK (England, Scotland), South Africa, Switzerland, Iraq, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, USA (MI, CA, Michigan), Bulgaria, South Africa, Belgium, Argentina, Denmark, Lebanon, Germany, Iran, Colombia, Indonesia, Romania, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and even Italy and possibly other (yet) unlisted countries (people writing from a .com/.org address and similar: please tell me where do you live!)

About these pages...

Among other lots of emails, I must first cite this one:
"First of all, great site, really great to find so much information regarding the P900 in one place. When I stumbled upon your website, I bought a P900 the very next day"

Up to date, I explicitly convinced ELEVEN friends to buy a Sony Ericsson P900 or P910 (not counting people oriented towards the cheaper P800, which I only encouraged to go for a P900 or P910). After four years, there is still people happy to buy a brand new P900 (the last was because of its price, 72% off the 2003 original price).
Please note that I do not sell anything, neither I am in any relation with Sony Ericsson (except the fact that I am a customer).

Note: if you happened to click to this page searching for Compaq (P900, Presario, etc) or other Sony Ericsson phones (Z1010, etc, maybe miswritten as "SonyEricson" or "SonyEriccson"), then follow below:


My Sony Ericsson P900 near my favourite lunch (Beans and Origanum) - if you cant see this image, click here!

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