main index FIRST OF ALL, did you read all of my Sony Ericsson P900 notes?

Yeah, I just got a new Apple Powerbook G4 17'' and I found that its operating system (Mac OS/X1 10.4 "Tiger") fully supports my Sony Ericsson P900...! I will write below some notes about it, only for people asking me for compatibility issues...

Bluetooth support

Apple Mac OS/X has great and reliable Bluetooth support. Pairing the P900 with the Powerbook was just straightforward. Using P900 as an external GPRS modem via wireless (bluetooth) connection was easy and immediate. And, nicest thing, I was able to synchronize the P900 with Apple iCal (calendar/events system utility software) and with Apple Mail (email client system software) and with the system address book. Yes, I'm very happy with it.

Note: if the P900 is not in "Bluetooth discoverable" mode, then it will not connect with your Mac!

Sometimes, while fiddling with Bluetooth and switching many times from/to flight mode, I found the Mac unable to connect to the phone. The P900 simply needed a reboot, and was able again to connect.

Also, I found that after disconnecting manually, the P900 said "Sent: 4,1 kb, Received: 38 kb" but the disconnection actually didn't happen. I had to give again the Disconnect command (on the "internet" icon in the lower part of the touchscreen of the P900) to get it actually disconnected (this time the P900 said "Sent: 0,0 kb, Received: 0,0 kb").

In this page I will write about Mac OS/X 10.4 (codenamed "Tiger"); while there is some good support for the P900 in Mac OS/X 10.3 (codenamed "Panther"), I won't discuss about it because I didn't test it, and also because other people already did all the work and hacks (just search for "Panther" and "P900").

I guess all these notes will be good also for P910 phones, but I cannot guarantee it.

My own memorystickduo cards... You don't need P900 "Remote Sync", yeah!

Instead of the partially brain-damaged "remote sync" option of the P900 internal firmware, Apple decided to put in its own iSync library support. When adding a "new device - phone" in the iSync utility, it will send a .SIS library to install in the P900 (requiring less than half a megabyte of P900 disk space; you will anyways be happy to show your friends the iSync metallic logo on your P900! aieeeee!). The iSync Config P900 application, when started, will allow the Mac OS/X 10.4 ("Tiger") to sync via bluetooth without needing a fake PPP connection (like Windoze drivers).

I was able to transfer the P900 calendar, tasks and contacts data on my brand new Apple Powerbook 17''; then I changed the photo of my account name, then synced again, and... gorsh! I got my photo on my P900 contacts entry! YAY!

Sadly, current version of the iSync application doesn't sync the P900 Jotter notes; we should all mail to Apple to ask for it...!

Sometimes the sync fails with a generic "failed to sync" message from iSync (the P900 shows for a second the "bluetooth connected" icon, and then always refuses to connect to the Mac). This is actually a stupid P900 Bluetooth problem: if you shut down the P900 and restart it, then the iSync will succeed again.

The above notes are still true, up to Mac OS X "Tiger" 10.4.11 and up to iSync 2.4, and P900/P910i/P910a/P910c synchronization can be done only via Bluetooth. Yes, you could write your own synchronization software to sync also Jotter notes, photo and video directories, audio MP3 files (to use the P900 as it was an iPod), internet bookmarks, SMS/MMS/email stuff, etc...

I really would like to have spare time at least to plan something like that.

GPRS browsing? Easier than ever.

I just enabled GPRS browsing, and set up the account. For your information, I selected these options in the Preferences/Network:

Also, don't forget to set profiles in every needed position (sorry, I don't know English name for it; it's in the "Apple" menu at top-left of the screen, after the "Dock--" submenu). I had to set three profiles which I named "home/travel", "friends-ADSL" and "work", and only two of these have the GPRS P900 setup.

And yes, it's a good thing to have the P900 and the Mac "paired" with a password, with the P900 allowing the Mac to connect without prior confirmation (this last thing has to be explicitly set up in the P900 bluetooth preferences).

I still have problems: Vodafone help-desk operator told me to add a "+CGDCONT..." initialization string, but I am unable to add it...

I have set up on my Mac:

(yes, "Ericsson Infrared V110", it's compatible with the P900). I also have: The "*99#" phone number means "use the default GPRS connection present in the phone" (beware! this means that you need to disable that ugly old WAP protocol on the P900: I had to unselect "Prefer Wap" in the "WAP accounts" menu of my P900... using WAP will cost you as a WAP connection, five to ten times more expensive, at least here in Italy).

Go to the P900 Internet Accounts configuration and configure only one entry as usual, using "" as web address (Vodafone-Italy here requires a different address).

With the above two settings, you don't need anymore an initialization string containing "+CGDCONT..." stuff. Have fun!

Some final suggestions...

My P900 is in its gunnysack; no one can see it (it's under my large shirt). My Powerbook is on my legs, and everyone is looking at it. The train is running at 90 km/h, and I am browsing the net. Magic! No cables, no hassles, just browsing the net while getting e-mail. And I just forgot that when you do some Exposé or Dashboard playing or Dock zooming, and the Safari below continues loading images from the internet, people around me just feels stunned...! :-)

A few notes for Italian-speaking users...

L'iSync la prima volta (e tutte le volte che non riesce a connettersi) tenta di farti fare la procedura guidata e ti installa un pacchetto (formato .SIS) nel P900. Beh, quando era installato in memoria centrale c'erano talvolta problemi di sincronizzazione. Dal P900 ho dunque fatto "disinstalla" e poi di nuovo la procedura bluetooth guidata, ed ho installato il pacchetto sulla memorystick, e da allora va abbastanza bene. Io uso sempre la connessione bluetooth, non ho mai usato il cradle (nido) USB del P900. Ho riempito il database di iCal e Rubrica indirizzi proprio grazie a quello che ha travasato il P900; da allora, mettendo indirizzi o dati del calendario sul Mac o sul P900 ha sincronizzato sempre perfettamente.

n.b.: la sincronizzazione col Tiger usa solo il proprio driver .SIS di cui sopra; non devi usare il "Remote sync" del P900 perché è fatto con i piedi (e va solo sotto Winzozz) - è quello che simula una finta connessione PPP e tutto il resto.

My Sony Ericsson P900 and my Powerbook G4 (2005) 17'', near my favourite lunch

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