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In this page I describe some "must-have" software and... some "must-not-have" software.

The latter are those stinky minisoftware written by unexperienced programmers thinking that the N900 is the usual miniphone with the usual miniscreen used by the usual lazy luser.

Please note:

Let's go in alphabetical order!

3G-2G-Dual mode selection

Applet: add "3G" (UMTS/HSPA), "2G" (GPRS/GSM/EDGE) and "Dual" (2G, or 3G when available) explicit selection. This is great when you have a provider applying weird charges for 2G usage (in my case H3G Italy); I've got to stuck it to 3G to not to pay for involuntary use of 2G in not-fully-3G-covered areas.


Mini utility to read the values of the accelerometers (actually it is a 3-D rotation measurement, not three accelerometers; the accelerometers are those built in the Wii NunChuck).

Airport (by Offscr)

Game: drag in the airport planes and jumbojets without crashing them. 2-D without acceleration; medium battery draining. Only one screen, very few noticeable bugs.


Mini utility to read the current angle in a nicer way than Accdisplay (see above).

Angry Birds (by Rovio)

Game: throw angry birds to kill pigs.

AP News

Widget: show a scrolling of the latest Associated Press news. You can select categories (sports, politics, etc) and areas (Europe, US, etc). Headlines only: clicking on it won't do anything.

GPS track logger widget

Widget: a desktop key to start/stop GPX files.

Bounce Evolution (by Rovio)

Game: move the Bounce in a nice or futuristic world. Well, this is not a "game", this is actually a demo because it has only two playable levels (the "nature" one and the "future" one). Remarkable for its stunning 3-D graphics ("playstation quality", someone suggests) while not requiring 100% CPU usage.


This is one of the crappiest applications. While it described itself as an application using accelerometers, it does not. A few reasons why you shouldn't ever bother to know that mSaber exists:


Card game of "scopa" (an Italian game). May be addictive for some people here in Italy because almost everyone has played it when he/she was a child. Minimal (and badly organized) graphics, and minimal power usage.


Widget: store accelerometer data while walking, to have a graph of calories spent.


Media utility. Yawn. I uninstalled it because it does not add any extra functionality compared to the stock audio/video player coming with Maemo 5. Worse, it requires quite a number of screen taps to get a video playing.


Game: destroy moving enemies, place bombs.

Useless applications

And then... the "applications" that actually are an interface to external services. That is: "things that you can do in the browser but marketing knows that lusers love to install and try instead of just clicking on a website".

Also listed here applications that even if compilable and runnable, are useless or simply do not work:

I disinstalled these, but I feel that one day I will reinstall them:

I also had to uninstall these widgets because... I ran off desktop space! (that is: in four Desktops I can't place everything because there are widgets that you just would want to use once per year...)

Incomplete or bad applications

I uninstalled these apps because they are broken to the level that you just cannot use them.

Crappy games

These games would require little modification to run on old hardware with black/white screen and very low computing power. That is another way to tell you "these crappy games don't deserve even to be named!"

I also uninstalled those toys good only for five minutes if you have a boring toddler. Most of these are by Offscr Technologies, which are generally incomplete and abandoned demos of software that they will never make:

Badly ported games

These games, originally intended for computers with large keyboards, were ported to N900 without taking into account a few important factors:


And -sigh!- finally I disinstalled PrBoom (the legendary Doom game) because you just can't play with the N900 keyboard...!

And finally... the most stupid and useless applications!

Most of these come from AppStore ideas: idiotic software for $0.99 (sometimes even free) for the iPhone, suddenly adapted for the N900 (as if the N900 required those crappy things to be on par with the Apple crappy iPhone) ;-)

Don't spend time/traffic to even install these things:

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