main index Installation of Linux Ubuntu 9.10 on Fujitsu-Siemens Stylistic ST5022D -- this page may help to install other Linux distributions as well on Stylistic ST5000 series (ST5010, ST5011, and so on).

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Installation? A piece of cake!

Installing Ubuntu Linux 10.10 was very easy.

First, I tried it with an USB bootable pen-drive (read here for downloads and details). It came up ("Try Ubuntu!") and found my wifi network, and the Stylistic stylus was already enabled.

I plugged an USB keyboard and clicked on System / Administration / Install Ubuntu. While choosing a keyboard map, the installer in background continued to extract packages. In a matter of minutes, it was ready to boot off the Stylistic hard drive. Using the internet connection, it also upgraded all packages to latest release.

I had no ACPI issues, no graphics card issues, no stylus issues: everything ran well (Ubuntu 9.10 had some problems in those areas; Ubuntu 10.10 solved them).

I selected "Canonical partners" as well, so I got at the first installation full Java and Flash support in Firefox as well.

Note: I did not test the old-school hardware (the O2Micro SD slot, the 56k internal modem, the fingerprint sensor). I do not even know if there has been any decent Linux support for them. I do not need them. Everything else "just works" out of the box.

Stylistic-specific stuff

Let's install the Fujitsu-Siemens button driver (fjbtndrv):

Let's also install some tablet-specific software: the handwriting-recognition software cellwriter and the hand-written note-taking utility xournal:

Let's make cellwriter enabled at logon: go to System/Preferences/Startup and add it (name: "Cellwriter", command: cellwriter).

You may want to install a VirtualBox as well; go to the official site to download it, because the Ubuntu stock release of VirtualBox is the open source one (that has a few limitations).

Some annyoing defaults...

The default screen driver does not allow graphical effects (the ones you enable in System / Preferences / Appearance / Visual Effects).

By default Ubuntu 10.10 requires, at least once after login, the "keyring unlock password" to use some password-based services (for example: auto-connecting a wifi). This is quite annoying on a keyboardless computer such as the Stylistic.

By default Ubuntu 10.10 requires a password after the "suspend" mode. This is quite annoying on a keyboardless computer. Status: solved using these steps (if it does not work, repeat again):