main index FIRST OF ALL, did you read all of my P900 notes?

Don't email me telling "I can't get it to run" or "I have problems": I don't like to write by email the same things I stated on my site.

Also: warning! Some software listed below may require decent technical knowledge. You've been warned.

The latest news are always listed here.

P900 free software created by me

Warning: .SIS files are to be installed in the P900, while the .tar.bz2 files contain source that need to be compiled before the program can be installed!

Italian-speaking software:

Free Linux utilities for P900, created by me

Latest released versions:

Free Linux utility scripts for P900, created by me

These all require bash shell. Latest tested versions are:

Some of my preferred P900 ringtones (public domain stuff)

The long ones are good as ringtones, the short ones as message tones:

I just suggest you to check in this site also the "Frasi Famose (famous words)" section; some nice MP3 ringtones are in Popular Sentences page, Common Slang page, Right Answers page, Poetry page, Daily Slang page and most useful Agriculture Slang page and following pages.


My Sony Ericsson P900 near my favourite lunch (Pasta and Beans)

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