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I am a new FZ20 owner. I just got my black Fluzi with a 512Mb Ultra2 and, while waiting for the first battery charge, I write some notes here, after lurking this forum since ages.

First, I surely have to thank so many people here that I can't name all. A special mention is for Gene, whose posts always answered my questions before I had time to write out them (yay!). Time to build your own digital photography site, Gene, containing only your old posts and links...! :-)

While looking for a decent ultrazoom camera, I happened to write a few HTML pages (in Italian) about my investigations (which caused intense e-mail traffic on my mailbox), and finally found that I just needed a FZ20 to go :-) I was eventually able to solve some focus questions from readers of my home site without having an FZ20 here :-) (btw, nothing special: also here there's people who doesn't RTFM - Read That Fantastic Manual).

Next step will be getting a Raynox DCR6600 and an adapter (and, maybe, some other cool stuff); it seems that I'll have to order them in the U.S. (it's almost impossible to get them here in Italy in reasonable times and at a reasonable price and in the same moment).

[...] About buying a Lumix FZ20 - A few retailers here have different pricing for black and silver ones (black ones cost 20-40 euro more), but everyone here knows that this is due to the higher availability of the silver one (read: we also think that a black body means a "more professional" look... and Raynox add-ons are black as well) :-) On their sites they eventually place a single page for selling FZ20 units, showing a photo of the silver one, and when you request a black one they tell you: "duh, it's in back-order; we have only the silver one available just now". And so they are selling (finally) lots of silver ones... :-)

I got only one Italian feedback stating "I wanted the Silver because it's nicer than the Black"; in dozen of emails, this means that upcoming Pana models have to be absolutely black!

Some days ago, two friends looked at me, with a weird voice, saying: "Panasoooonic?". They think that only Nikon and Canon and (maybe) Kodak are good cameras (lots of people don't understand yet that digital cameras are not just a "lots of megapixels CCD" and a lens group and a Famous Brand label attached on them!). I'll show 'em they aren't that right...! :-)

Well, it's almost time to start clicking the shutter button... I think I won't post again until I'll run off battery and I'll don't have to work for some minutes :-)

Duh... some time ago Jeff wrote about a Lumix: "first time I said: you can have your cake and eat it too". For this FZ20 I have my cake, eat it too, and have two cakes :-)

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