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PiLAR is a 16-bit stack-based task-oriented microprocessor.
Its simplest architecture makes it feasible for a wide range of control systems and embedded applications.

«16-bit» means that, with full 8-, 16- and 32-bit arithmetics, the processor won't waste resources for little applications. No more compromises between computing power and excess of resources for simple tasks! No more a magmacannon to kill an ant! No more debugging on arithmetics libraries!

«Stack-based» means the simplest optimization process for almost any high-level programming language. No more register allocation problems! Fastest execution times are guaranteed by "do only what the programmer wrote" philosophy: while other products aim to get the fastest low-level assembler performance, this processor was designed to get optimal performance using high-level programming!

«Task-oriented» means the simplest way to set up a multitasked environment. While other products need complex methods to multiplex jobs and resources, this processor does not need acrobatic programming between interrupt handling and context switching optimization! No more debugging on systems with unprotected memory!

And, even, everything related to it (design, implementation, software, etc) has been put under GNU GPL license! No more royalties! No more non-disclosure agreements! No more paying for documentation!

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