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Note: I wrote below my first impressions only; this page remained unmodified only for historical reasons (for example, I got it with Panther - later upgrading to Tiger). If you want to read more, have a look at my Apple pages!

YAY!!! I did it!!!
I just got my new roaring Apple Powerbook G4 17":

  1. stunning 17" display (1440×900);
  2. 1.67GHz G4 processor (yay!!!);
  3. 1Gb RAM;
  4. 100Gb disk storage (slurp!!), 5400rpm;
  5. 3.1 kg only!!! only
  6. SuperDrive CD/DVD reader/burner (CD-RW, DVD±RW 8×);
  7. Gigabit ethernet, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, PCMCIA slot, USB 2.0 connectors;
  8. other delicious things: 128Mb Radeon 9700; analog video out; Mac OS/X Panther with iLife and extras; delicious trackpad; Sudden Motion Sensor;
  9. other features that I will some day use: AirPort Extreme wireless networking 54Mbps, Firewire 400/800, DVI connector; 56k modem.

My personal history:

And finally I happened to get a gorgeous Apple Powerbook G4.
TOP TEN reasons for switching from a Linux-based Pentium-class machine to an Apple product (and, especially, to this product):

  1. absolutely first: it's an Unix-based machine (a mature Unix), and it's the only Unix-like operating system featuring an acceptable reliability, from the severe point of view of a 11+ years Linux user;
  2. insuperable aestethics and prestige; if you even happen to buy the most powerful PC around, you will immediately see someone saying "duh, obsolete, ugly, excessive cost, won't last..." (that's simply true); a Mac, instead, won't become an "old piece of ugly hardware" even after years!
  3. the excellent combination of all kinds of usage; coming from Linux, I found my favourite tools (gcc/g++, vi, perl, telnet...), I still backup my home Linux box with this Apple beast (rsync, ssh...), and I can even port my old X11 programs and utilities...! I won't feel too much nostalgia; I still continue to use Linux, but it's a very great thing to develop C/C++/Perl/etc software and having the same source running on Linux/i86 and on Mac OS/X!!
  4. everything it's ready out-of-the-box; I will have less pleasure in searching files, configuring scripts, installing packages, etc, but... who cares? Since 1994, this is the very first computer I buy without first investigating about Linux compatibility.

For you asking me about Windows... yes, the last Windows release I used, was Windows 3.1 (released in 1992).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Apple switched to Intel processors. Delusion! I wrote some notes (in Italian only: sorry!) here.

My brand new Apple Powerbook G4 17''

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