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Note: this page referred to the first release of iPhone.

Dear Chief Executive Officer of Apple,

Let me tell you what does "smartphone" mean to me.

I bought a gorgeous Sony Ericsson P900 on November 6, 2003. I am still happy with it, so I need some good reasons to get rid of it.

Now, let me explain at least ten reasons why I won't buy an "iPhone", in a random order.

Operator lock: it seems that Apple's "iPhone" will have an "operator lock". Bad thing. I was able to buy a standard (no locks) P900 without having to buy another "SIM-card" (here in Italy P900 has always been sold without operator lock).

What do you think about people selling some "unlocking" software or hardware solution? You built a closed-architecture "iPhone": will it be "closed" forever? Will you defeat any hacker?

Screen resolution: it seems that Apple's "iPhone" will feature a 320×480 screen (half-VGA). Poor thing. Let me say why it's quite poor. While I am happy with my P900 (sporting a 320×208 screen, a few lines more than top-notch "iPod video" devices: and I bought my P900 in late 2003!), my friends bought some 10-12 months ago a Nokia 770 device with a roaring 800×480 screen (more than double the resolution of the "iPhone").

I think you cannot call Apple's "iPhone" a great device, since its touchscreen technology is similar to the Sony Ericsson P900 phone that I bought on late 2003. Multitouch technology doesn't transform a touchscreen in something great.

Battery: it seems that Apple's "iPhone" will have a fixed (not interchangeable) battery. Very bad thing. It seems you don't know that a cellular phone is not an iPod. An iPod battery will "work" only when playing (you don't keep the iPod on when you don't want to listen some music). A cellular phone "works" also when idle (you don't keep the cellular phone off when you end a phone call).

I bought my second P900 battery after a few months. I was able to travel without carrying any cable or charger. And you know that any cellular phone, while travelling, drains batteries quickly because of continuous re-sync with different cells. A second battery is a must if you don't live mainly in your office and home. Let me say that I think that Apple's "iPhone" is more a cordless phone than a cellular phone.

Operating system: it seems that Apple's "iPhone" will sport an "optimised version" of Mac OS X. I don't comment about it (it may even be a commercial slogan). But it's a shameful waste of precious resources having a full-fledged operating system where simplest functions (clock/calendar, for example) are delegated to... widgets!

You can't buy a Lamborghini Gallardo only because you like its ashtray colour.

No external apps: it seems that Apple's "iPhone" user will not be able to add its own programs. Bad, bad, bad thing! One of the first things I required to buy a smartphone was the availability of a system development kit, to create my own programs to extend smartphone functions. I was able, for example, to build my own train timetables.

It seems that Apple wants to sell its "iPhone" only to guys willing to buy extra Apple applications software. It seems that you don't ever imagine what a large library of software is generated by only releasing minimum specifications and SDK's. The "iPhone" hype will raise only by Apple brand label attached on it.

I already declared that my next smartphone would have been a Linux-based one. Before knowing "iPhone" specifications, I was willing to forget a Linux-based one and go for the "iPhone" because Apple brand meant some open-minded solution to me. Now I think it's not as I imagined from Apple. What a delusion.

Synchronizing data: sadly, it seems that Apple's "iPhone" will sync only using iTunes and only using a cable. Shameful things. My Sony Ericsson P900 syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth using Apple iSync.

Cables, cables, cables. In the era of "everything wireless", Apple sells an "iPhone" which only syncs via cable, like phones of years and years ago.

Boot time: it seems that Apple's "iPhone" will have a boot time of a minute! Very bad thing. Not only the "iPhone" user can't switch to another battery "on the fly". The "iPhone" shouldn't be switched off to save battery life, because the reboot is somewhat devastating. One entire minute! Twice than the common smartphones and the common Apple computers!

It seems that Apple "iPhone" is the phone for people who only "travel" from home to office (or school) and vice-versa, once a day. And having a battery-charger at office and another at home.

GPRS+EDGE: it seems that Apple's "iPhone" will be a classic "2.5G" phone. Yes, I don't need video-calls (UMTS, that is, third generation, "3G"), and P900 does not have EDGE connectivity. But I wonder why Apple should sell a 2.5G iPhone when others are going to release 4G phones (HSDPA)... A bit too late, eh?

Flight mode: duh, the P900 has it since ages.

Lightweight: duh, the P900 is lightweighted since ages.

Intuitive touchscreen handling: duh, the P900 has it since ages.

Well, why should I buy an Apple "iPhone" when I already have a gorgeous Sony Ericsson P900?