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A P900 user wrote me this email about possibile "firmware upgrade" to get a P900 become a P910. While I am not yet fully convinced (maybe the "upgrade" is not actually harmless), I publish this only for information.

Note: I didn't try to "upgrade", and won't try, and don't have any intention to try. Don't ask me for more information; every feedback about "P900 to P910 upgrade" will be posted in this page as soon as I will get more information...

Here is what he first wrote me:

let me tell you a short tragicomic story from a personal experience:

I got my P900 as a gift from by boss. At one point it stopped responding so he took it to the service (we do not have any Sony Ericsson approved service here, and he is not in anymore, so I can not ask him where he took it), they changed everything, it was OK. While they were servicing it, he got P910i and wanted to give someone P900. I was very pleased.

I had no idea what was this machine until I found Update Service on Sony Ericsson official site. Well, being tempted with the possibility, being network engineer, crazy about updates/upgrades of all sorts, I tried it. Before that I did backup using PC suite.

Everything went fine, when I restarted it I wanted to check the external memory, and I have found out that it was reported "corrupt". It was a 32Mb Memory Stick Duo PRO card. My colleague has bought P900 some time ago, new, and I went to him, just to try to read it. He said that P900 can not read "Duo Pro" memory sticks. I said that it worked in mine until one hour ago (before upgrade).

He said that that is not possible and since then I checked on many sites and confirmed his version, but how was it possible that it worked on my phone...?! So the rumors are there, this time I can vouch for that. I am waiting for a confirmation from a friend of mine, if softwar upgrade from P900 to P910 is possible, and I will let you know.

The tragic part is that my backups are useless, and my phone empty, but I am patiently waiting...

Second email from him:

I found my boss again!

I just checked with my boss. He says that "the motherboard was changed", and I will go to the same place, to get my phone with the same firmware. They remember it, since this was one in three reported issues in Europe (it just died, over night, nothing could be restored)...

Since I sent my card to my colleague, to extract some data off it, I can not tell you right now, but I will on Monday.

What I am sure is that it differs a lot from his originl one, including the Duo Pro usage.

Another colleague of mine has a service as well and he is investigating with his own P900.

I have definitelly learnt a lesson, at least regarding this update service from SonyEricsson. My policy is exactly like yours, but I do not use phone for work (at least I did not until P900, but I forgot to cange my mind)...

Third email...

In the anticipation of a visit to the service, I think I have figured out what happened. My boss had a really rare problem and Sony Ericsson exchanged the motherboard (or whatever it is called on mobile phones). I guess that they did not have a proper one, so he got one for P910. SW, look-and-feel is the same as 910, all applications from P910 were there, even the default theme (which I used) is the same as that one from P910. I do not think that anyone would got to that length just to load new software. On the other hand, a colleague looked at my card (yes, it's PRO Duo with 32MB, SDMSPC-32, produced by SanDisk) and the structure is different than his. I have system and Media folders and he has Media and Other (or something similar).

I will ask them to put P910 firmware in, if they are willing.

I will let you know what happened...

Fourth email...

I just came back from the service.

They exchanged the board, IMEI stayed the same, firmware was P910, you can upgrade your P900 to P910 if you want to, but you do not have any benefits of the P910 (read Duo PRO and so on...). Thus: reading a DuoPRO card needs different hardware!

The guy at the service told me that, and they performed the board change (the processor burned completely).

He will restore my P900 phone to P910 :)))))

I was a bit scared, but now, it is all fine. I am sorry that there is no mystery.

My considerations about the above four e-mails...

P910 adds more core memory and more EEPROM, so an upgrade should not be possible. Two years ago some people claimed to have upgraded a P800 to a P900 (impossible: same EEPROM size problem), but lots of jerks believed in it because they saw a photo and a "screenshot" that appeared as their dreams... :-)

I also was a fan of "latest upgrade", "latest beta". But on work instruments (phone, computer, digital camera) I don't want to upgrade anything, except in case of serious problems or serious confirmations that it works flawlessly. My P900 had only one firmware upgrade (when it was serviced), and I didn't try anymore.

Some people also reported problems with latest P900 firmware releases.

So, I only can state that:

  1. do not upgrade your P900 only to "try something new";
  2. if you want to try, it's on your own risk (you may then find that your phone needs to be serviced)
  3. I still don't know if any concrete and safe method exists about using DuoPRO cards on a P900;
  4. by explicit request, I cannot give name or contact address of the person that wrote me the above quoted email messages.

My P900 and other toys... :-)

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