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One of my friends, a photography "expert enthusiast" (this term here almost always means "Nikon fan" or "Canon fan", and surely means "rest of the camera world is rubbish"), looked at the FZ20 in my hands... "Duh, what a giant lens, is it a Canon?". I stared at him: "it's a Panasonic". He made a weird grin, and took my FZ20, and a second after: "Twelve × optical?!?". I laughed. He again: "But... what... twelve..." (translation: "what do you have to do with such a magmacannon-like zoom?"), while crossing the zoom up to 12×. Oops, I left active the digital zoom setting, so he found a stunning "48\X" on the display.

He panicked a little. "It's F/2.8 throughout the 12× range", I added in a low voice. Silence (maybe he was remembering how much did he pay for his last F/4.0 bulky add-on lens). "Hmm... Panasonic?", he said - as if Pana was good only for refrigerators, VHS readers and such.

Then his heart restarted running. He moved the switch to "off" and said: "Nope, I don't need a thing like this", and gave back to me the FZ20 again. "Yep", I answered, "you've got all those lenses..." (he got ready to hit me) "...and don't even cover the optical zoom range of this beast" (he actually tried to hit me) :-)


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