Index of UNOFFICIAL Circumvesuviana Home Page La mia tesi di laurea main index After buying a few things in an electronics store, I got this small gift - an 8×8 LED matrix. I was told that its datasheet was on the internet, but I was not able to get it from anywhere (I only found people asking for it). Anyway, after a few tests, I was able to figure its simple pinout. I am showing here the results, to make other people happy. I was able to light the single LEDs using 6Vcc and a 2kOhm resistor (thus having 6V/2k=3mA current).


Finally the official Liteon LTP14088A datasheet showed up on the official Liteon web site. My notes below are only for reference.

Manufacturer: Liteon

Model number: LTP14088A

Description: an 8×8 matrix, each cell contains a red LED and a green LED.

Case size: 1.5"×1.5" (38.2×38.2mm), 0.4" height (10.3mm) excluding pins and "slots" (case is "stackable" in both directions).

LED size: the circular "window" is 0.15" (3.8mm). Note: I measured by myself.

Pinout: two rows of 12 pins each, 0.1" spaced, 1.1" distance; here I name the first row (the one parallel to the "LTP14088A" sign shown in the photo) as pins "efghpqrsabcd" (left to right; "right" is the actual position of the "LTP14088A" sign); I name the lower row as "01234567wxyz" (left to right; the "z" is in the diametrally opposite side of the "LTP14088A" sign).

How does it work:

As you notice, the LTP14088A pinout is far simpler than the common LEDM88OG (which shares similar characteristics but has a clumsy pin order).

Usage examples of LTP14088A:

Table view for red LEDs ("R" means "row", "C" means column):
    C0    C1    C2    C3    C4    C5    C6    C7
R0  d-0   d-1   d-2   d-3   d-4   d-5   d-6   d-7
R1  c-0   c-1   c-2   c-3   c-4   c-5   c-6   c-7
R2  b-0   b-1   b-2   b-3   b-4   b-5   b-6   b-7
R3  a-0   a-1   a-2   a-3   a-4   a-5   a-6   a-7
R4  w-0   w-1   w-2   w-3   w-4   w-5   w-6   w-7
R5  x-0   x-1   x-2   x-3   x-4   x-5   x-6   x-7
R6  y-0   y-1   y-2   y-3   y-4   y-5   y-6   y-7
R7  z-0   z-1   z-2   z-3   z-4   z-5   z-6   z-7
    C0    C1    C2    C3    C4    C5    C6    C7

If this page was useful for you, please leave me an email! I am always curious about your electronics hacks involving LED matrix elements.

My personal application notes with Arduino boards

I do not have a LED-controller (like those juicy Maxim MAX7219/MAX7221 and similar), neither I have expanders like 74HC595, so I need to "refresh" by myself the entire 8×8 bitmap, using (ouch!) 8+8 GPIO lines and 8 resistors: resistors are needed to limit current flow to 10mA or less; 8 output lines for row control and 8 output lines for column control (if I had 8 output spare lines, I could also address the green ones).

On the Arduino I can use 16 digital pins:

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