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P900 Bluetooth "deaf" problem!



So I stopped disabling/enabling bluetooth.

Other old news:

Very important note

I definitively encourage you to write your own P900 & Linux tech experiences on the internet. Set up an home page, shoot a couple of weird P900 photos, place it somewhere with a "last updated on..." note, and add it to a number of search engines (if you are in a hurry). Let's exchange our links (I don't want to be the only source of information, neither the most complete source) and let Sony Ericsson see that Linux community is not as small as their commercial guys erroneously think.

A technically decent P900 internet resource page, even if limited to one single Linux question, is always a serious source of useful information; while the P900 mailing-list (as almost any other mailing-list) is "googleable", it's quite hard to find out what one was searching for (because of quoting, questions, partial answers, etc). You don't have to be a "P900 guru", neither you need to be absolutely original, nor you need to cover any possible remote issue; just describe exactly how did you get something running, having in mind the user who just opened his brand new P900 package box. For this reason, I added a number of silly (oops) notes to let a new user proceed without too much fear between mysterious numbers and commands.

About the mailing-list:

Well, it's some time there is no traffic in the mailing-list dedicated to our beloved P900 :-)

Simply said, I "became an user", not anymore a P900 hacker/programmer. My P900 simply does what I want (including running my own programs). I am quite busy and I don't have time anymore to experiment, write new software, write extra internet pages, etc.

Yes, I'm a P900 user, now. I happen to check email while waiting for the Holy Mass to begin O:-) ...I happen to see buildings and concrete and jot down graphics schemes and add text description to my ideas :-) ...I chat with girls (MSN, not human voice) while in the train :-) ...or send them (live) some MP3/JPEG over a bluetooth connection :-) ...I get up every morning with my favourite MP3's (including my own voice: "Heeeeeeey! Hurry up!!!") :-) ...I plan a day schedule using also my timetables software :-) ...I have a modem everywhere for my notebook (even in the bus) :-) ...And -sometimes- I even have to allow the P900 to interrupt the MP3 playing to answer to a phone call :-)

I don't feel any need to upgrade to a P910. Also, I'm simply too happy with my P900 (except, obviously, for some small unresolved bugs in its firmware and operating system) and so I don't want to upgrade to a "3G" superbells & superwhistles forthcoming P990i (except if it was a native Linux machine). Also, I still can't see anywhere a reasonably priced phone+PDA+quality solution. My friends who have some "bells & whistles" PDA still need to carry up also a phone; other friends, who have a Nokia or Motorola communicator, still need to carry a large and fat plastic chunk, and yet cannot do more than I do ;-)